How long can you hold your breath?

Virginia Tech researchers are creating models to answer questions about air quality

Getting one step closer to cleaner waters

Innovative software minimizes guesswork in stormwater runoff management

From nature to nanoparticle

Nanominerals influence the Earth in ways only now being realized

Virginia Tech center helps develop clean coal technology in India

Clean coal will increase energy production and reduce air pollution

Editorial: Red Alert for climate change

Indoors and outdoors, air pollutants lurk in places previously thought safe

Normal daily breathing is packed with possible health hazards

From dam damage to improved fishing habitats

Helping dams remain an important energy resource without sacrificing river life

Preserving biodiversity: Our collective challenge

The crucial question is not whether a world with less variety and richness is viable, but rather: Who wants to live in such a world?

Center leads team in climate-change project

Virginia Tech researchers are assessing carbon sequestration projects that could begin soon

To save our streams, save our mussels

Mussels, the "clean-up crew" for streams and rivers, have become significantly endangered

Save the Bay, save agriculture

Ensuring the livelihood of those who produce the nation's food can help restore the Chesapeake Bay

Scat dogs newest investigative tool for research of hard-to-track animals

Meet Billy, retired from bomb detection to sniff out big cats

Satellite sensors show changes in plant growth

Spring started sooner in 2006 than in 1982. Climate change? Maybe. Maybe not. But reason enough for more detailed observations

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