Battle of the bugs

An invader is destroying America’s hemlocks. Virginia Tech forest entomology researchers are using the predators provided by nature in the villain’s homeland to do battle in the United States.

Student storm chasers find course research to be excellent adventure

Students in the Virginia Tech geography field course track down tornado-spawning supercells, provide data to the National Weather Service, and test the latest technology.

Creating the future’s wearable, washable, potentially life-saving computers

Faculty members and students in electrical and computer engineering are weaving programmable e-textiles that monitor and commmunicate information about the wearer.

Storytelling software helps scientists make connections

Finding significant connections within the ocean of scientific information being published is daunting. The Storytelling data mining program recognizes overlaps in content and draws them together into a storyline — such as unrealized relationships and new insights into the role of a particular molecular event.

Cognition and emotion development connected

Researchers in Virginia Tech’s Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab were the first to study both cognition and emotion in infants and young children and how the interaction evolves as the child matures.

Slow road to recovery in war-torn Bosnia paved with hope

A researcher in public and international affairs studies war and the roadblocks to recovery in Bosnia in order to provide answers as local, national, and international agencies try to cope with the disruptions to peoples, economies, and environments.

Recognition and thanks for the contributions of five of our faculty members

Editorial: Introducing Bob Walters

Engineer, entrepreneur, and computing whiz, Robert Walters is vice president for research at Virginia Tech. He discovered his love of research by following the numbers — or, rather, high-level mathematics.

On the cover: Tom Martin and Mark Jones with one of their e-textiles. Photo by Rick Griffiths.

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