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In this issue: We asked researchers in several areas to take a chance and make predictions for developments in their field by 2047 – 50 years in the future.

Can We Feed the World?

Mapping the Future

Hazardous Materials: Accidents and the Future

Material Advances

In 2047 we'll be more efficient, more connected, more entertained, more unemployed

Immunology advancements coming quickly

Even the house of the future won't necessarily be 'smart'

Highways, vehicles get smart


  • Safer wireless antennas receive patent
  • Estrogen/immune dysfunction connection studied
  • Space-age fashions still down to earth
  • Satellite-assisted farming on the horizon
  • Wireless communications 50 years from now

Cover illustration by Barbara Corbett with photos by Bob Veltri, Michael Kiernan, and Alex Miller

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