All effort reports are now being processed electronically using the web-based effort reporting system (ERS).  A timeline for Fall 2022 semester effort reports has been posted.

Fall 2022 Effort Reporting System Schedule

Activities Timeframe
Effort forms released to departments Feb. 15, 2023
Window for department staff to review effort forms Feb. 15 - Mar. 10, 2023  
Global Release of forms to all certifiers not already released by the department staff Mar. 13, 2023
Window for faculty/staff to certify the effort forms Feb. 15 - Apr. 7, 2023
Delinquent emails sent automatically by the system Apr. 10, 2023
Window to complete revised effort reports (forms that require Labor Redistributions Apr. 10 - Apr. 28, 2023
Escalation to Department Heads and Deans May 1, 2023
Final Deadline for all effort reports to be completed May 10, 2023