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Virginia Tech Research Administrator Program

About the Program

The Virginia Tech Research Administration Program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, is a voluntary training program that consists of a total of 10 courses.. This program is designed for all staff that currently performs duties related to research administration. Each course will be a comprehensive tutorial that will provide information pertinent to research administration at Virginia Tech. There are no prerequisites for participating in any of the workshops and those not pursuing the certificate of completion are not excluded from attending any of the workshops.

Participants who are pursuing the certificate of completion will be required to take a quiz for each workshop (except for Banner) and obtain a score of 100%. Participants can take the quiz multiple times as necessary.

Participants MUST complete the workshop AND the quiz for each workshop to receive the certificate of completion (testing out of the workshop will not be allowed).

A simple checklist has been created to assist you in tracking your progress through the program. 


  • Step 1: Enroll into the Level I program
  • Step 2:  Go to the “Required Workshops” tab under the Navigate menu for the list of required or elective (if applicable) workshops. 
  • Step 3: Many of the workshops are now posted online and can be viewed at any time.  To access the online tutorials go to  There are also prerecorded trainings available through Courseware.  For the workshops not posted online you will need to register for the live sessions.  These live sessions are offered in the fall and spring (no summer courses).  You can register for either live or prerecorded presentations via Courseware at  These worshops can be searched through the "view by alpha" option and all live training titles are preceded by the acronym "OVPRI".  The asynchronous prerecorded trainings are preceded by "OVPRI-Recording". 
  • Step 4:  Print the Level I Certificate Program Completion Checklist and complete as you progress through the program.  See attached.
  • Step 5: All workshops require that participants take a quiz, except Banner and Responsible Conduct of Research, and score 100%.  These quizzes are posted on the VT Research Administrator Certificate Scholar site.  Please see the How do I? section for instructions on accessing these quizzes.
  • Step 6:  Once you have completed all of the requirements, please contact Vicky Ratcliffe at or Quinn Steen at for confirmation. 

Research Administrator Update Workshops

Periodically OSP will conduct workshops outlining recent changes in the research administration field. Attending these workshops demonstrates your continued commitment to stay up to date with the rapidly changing research administration field. After the updates workshop each participant will be required to take a quiz and obtain a score of 100% before receiving a certificate of completion.

Please contact Vicky Ratcliffe at or Quinn Steen at if you have any questions.


  • There are no announcements at this time.

Sign-Up for Training Opportunities E-mail

This service is to provide e-mail notification when the Office of Sponsored Programs has a training opportunity open to faculty and staff.


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