Research Protocol Procedure Form Specifics

  • Identity of the animal

  • Descriptions of activities (cut-n-paste from the approved protocol)

  • Dates, including the name, dose, route, frequency, and duration of treatment with drugs, feed additives, or any other protocol manipulation.

  • Dates, including the number and type of samples collected, (e.g. blood, feces, urine, muscle, tail snips, etc.), the amount sampled (mls or grams), and observations post procedurally if required.

  • Daily observations even if it is just to say "checked for signs in Experiment 1; no signs yet." For laboratory animals this is often recorded on the cage card, but keeping the same documentation in a notebook is always advisable (cage cards can fall off, and be damaged).

  • If surgery is involved very specific documentation of pre and post surgical care is required by the Animal Welfare Act (USDA).

The following forms are examples that may be used or you may create your own with the above specifics