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Restricted Research Training Links

During Restricted Research Training, a variety of information is provided, this page serves as a single source for all of the supplemental information mentioned in this training. If you have not attended restricted research training and need to sign up, you can do so here.

OESRC is in the process of migrating data from the TCP Online Review Page system to a new TCP Management System.  We are notifying faculty during this process as to when all TCPs have been successfully migrated, and all new TCPs beginning July 1, 2019 will be established within the TCP Management System.  Once migration is complete, the  TCP Online Review Page will be decommissioned.  Please select the link below to direct you to the system that you need.

TCP Review Page

For faculty, staff, students, or department heads: you can view all of your Technology Control Plans resident in this system by logging into our TCP Review Page

TCP Management System

For faculty, staff, students, or department heads: You can view and managed all of your Technology Control Plans resident in this system by logging into the TCP Management System

TCP Security Guidelines - To successfully complete the Technology Control Plan and the Attachment A, you will need to follow the guidelines outlined in this document.  

Graduate School MOU Process - If theses/dissertation students are involved in restricted research, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the appropriate stakeholders is required, which is designed to protect the students in their academic process.  

You can use the following contact for more information or reference the documents included below:
Janice E Austin
Director of Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress
Dean - Graduate School (0325)

COMPASS Server- OESRC has established a secure server for both internal communications and access by your sponsors to retrieve electronic deliverables.  To request access for your project/personnel, view this page. For any assistance, contact

Using Email with Restricted Research - Virginia Tech Google Apps for Education Accounts and personal email accounts are NOT authorized to transmit (send or receive) export controlled technical data or controlled unclassified information. All university email uses Google Apps for Education in the background, so if the use of email is necessary you will need to request a Microsoft Exchange account with special routing by emailing Emails of technical data must be encrypted (PGP, VT Soft Certificate, etc.), and if you are no longer working on project or leaving University, OESRC will assist you in de-provisioning your Exchange account – send email request to 

System Security Plans- Projects with the DFARS 252.204-7012 contract clause require a system security plan.  Your Department IT Administrator will be able to assist you in completing this process. 

Technical Instructions- Instructions on the use of encryption and sanitization tools are located on this page.

Temporary Export (TMP) Certification- All VT employees and students are subject to U.S. export and sanctions regulations. The physical export outside of the United States of university commodities, software or technology is subject to control under U.S. export control laws and regulations.

In most cases, university employees may take common items, software and technology subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) outside of the United States under a “No License Required (NLR)” declaration, so long as this property is not exported to the five comprehensively sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Sudan, and North Korea).

OESRC DOES NOT require notification for the temporary export to a non-sanctioned country of commercially available laptops, tablets and/or cell phones with standard commercially available software because no license is required. For export (temporary or permanent) of ANY OTHER types of university commodities, software or technology, please contact prior to your travel to ensure no export license is required. 

Published information, fundamental research, open source software, and other information in the public domain is not subject to these regulations and may be discussed and shared freely. 

We recommend that you do not export confidential/proprietary technical data as it may be subject to export control and may require an export license or other government approval.

Loaner Laptops-To avoid any potential issues of data leaving the United States or contracting malicious software on your regular workstation, OESRC will loan you a clean laptop for the duration of your travel.  Please submit this form make this request.  An OESRC representative will contact you to understand your computing needs while on travel, set up the computer for you, and arrange a meeting to deliver the hardware.  If you have reason to believe the computer you take with you (whether your workstation or the OESRC-loaner) has been compromised, please contact OESRC immediately.  For other travel advice, please see current FBI travel guidance at Best Practices for Academics Traveling Overseas.

Policies and Procedures- All university polices and procedures relating to the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance can be found here.

Contact Information- Contact information for OESRC, its units, and staff can be found here.