The LabConnect listserv

This is the primary means of communication, sharing, and networking among LabConnect members and is used for event notification, program news delivery, and for distribution of information from the Office of Research and Innovation.


LabConnect general membership

General membership is open to any Virginia Tech staff, faculty member (including postdoctoral associates), wage employee, graduate student, or undergraduate student working in a laboratory research or teaching environment.

Membership is obtained by emailing a request to the LabConnect listserv.

To subscribe to the LabConnect email list, log into your VT Google account first, then click on this link:!forum/labconnect-members-g/join


LabConnect leadership team

The leadership team will plan and execute LabConnect activities and will be comprised of volunteer representatives from the diverse Virginia Tech laboratory research and teaching environment. The current team includes representatives from the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and Science; Virginia Tech research institutes; and EHS. Membership is open to all areas of research and teaching.

LabConnect leadership team, March 2019

  • Sharelle Carbaugh, Department of Chemistry
  • Linda Correll, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Hope Gruszewski, Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science
  • Sandy Hancock, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jody Jervis, Department of Biochemistry
  • Katrina Lasley, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Kelly Peeler, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
  • AJ Prussin, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Christopher Wakley, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Kim Waterman, Department of Food Science and Technology
  • Franc-Eric Wiedmer, Integrated Life Sciences Building