Inventors of the Month

Inventors of the Month - October 2017

This article was posted on: October 5, 2017

Brook Kennedy and Edward Coe of the School of Architecture + Design

Corrugated Three Dimensional (3D) Additive Manufacturing

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recognizes Brook Kennedy and Edward Coe of the School of Architecture + Design as Inventors of the Month for October 2017 for the invention “Corrugated Three Dimensional (3D) Additive Manufacturing,” disclosed to Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc.

A Patent Cooperation Treaty international patent application has been filed for this innovative approach to 3D printing called Corlayer3D. Most additive manufacturing, commonly called 3D printing, uses fuse deposition modeling (FDM), which builds up layers that are subject to shearing. Inspired in part by clam shell construction, which is immensely strong, Corlayer3D adds a dimension of corrugation in the layers to resist this shearing and make 3D printed parts stronger.

Inspiration: Close-up image of clam shell corrugated layering.

Illustration detail of corrugated layering in a 3D printed cap.

composite image of detail of corrugated FDM printing

Test pieces of corrugated FDM printing.

Brook Kennedy is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design whose current research explores the potential of biology to inspire design in a broad sense, especially in terms of managing natural resources and in new materials. He collaborates with partners in the sciences and engineering to reach these results. After completing a Bachelors from Reed College and a Masters in Design from Stanford University, Kennedy worked for 12 years in product and interaction design consulting in New York City before joining the faculty at Virginia Tech. He has won several international design awards including IDEA, iF, Red Dot and A’ Design and holds 20 domestic and international patents.

Edward Coe is an architecture graduate student from Middlebury, Connecticut, who manages the School’s “bot shop.” In June 2017, Coe represented Virginia Tech at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City.

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