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Student Intellectual Property

Student ResearchUndergraduate and graduate students may generate intellectual properties at Virginia Tech while assisting with research or as part of a class project. For example, senior design projects required in certain engineering courses may result in copyrighted software or inventions. Likewise, undergraduates or graduates employed by the university may contribute to development of intellectual property as part of a research project.

Policy 13000 addresses a student's rights to intellectual properties he/she may generate. If the student is employed by the university, ownership will be determined by the rules which apply to all university employees. If the intellectual property is determined to be owned by the university, the student would be entitled to share in any royalties in the same manner as other university inventors.

Ownership of IP developed by students: The University will not generally claim ownership of IP created by students. However, in the matter of course-generated IP, including courses for research or independent credit, the student(s) shall have ownership only if they made use of resources that are a) made available by the College/Department administering the University course to all students enrolled in the course; and b) provided to all students enrolled in the course for academic credit when there are no pre-existing obligations for the University in connection with such course-generated intellectual property, and/or the student(s) are not paid by the University in the scope of such course.

A student may choose to assign the ownership right in IP to the University and/or VTIP if all the parties agree to such a transfer.

If students develop IP in their capacity as employees, such IP shall be governed as set forth above and ownership is automatically vested in the University, including novel results of research in which the originator(s) do hereby assign ownership, right, title, and interest in any IP, discovery, or invention to the University.

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