Industrial Affiliates Programs are designed to facilitate the dialogue between academia and industry and the transfer of new knowledge to the general public. 

Supported by membership fees, these programs provide an avenue for industry to contribute to and sustain research and teaching in Virginia Tech departments and programs of interest. Members join in the support of an identified area of research for a stated period of time, with each participant receiving the same benefits from equivalent membership in the program. The benefits to be derived from such membership may include early access to technical information, participation in technical meetings, presentations, and access to the best and most productive graduate students as perspective employees.

Industry Affiliates Programs serve to:

  • Support research in general areas that are of interest to multiple industrial organizations.

  • Provide opportunity for interaction among industry members, faculty members, and students.

  • Enable timely access to research results.

  • Enrich students’ and postdocs’ educational experience.

  • Maintain the university’s role as a credible and impartial resource.

  • Contribute to the university’s primary mission of teaching and research.

Listing of Programs


Anna Lester
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