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4.8 Transporting Biological Materials

4.8.1 Moving Biohazardous Materials from One Work Area to Another

Transport outside of the laboratory but within the building – Place within a durable, leak-proof container, such as a plastic sterilite box plus lid; close lid and disinfect the outside container before removing from the room. Either the primary or the secondary container must be labeled with the biohazard symbol.

Transport outside the building – Seal the material in a primary tube/flask or other leak-proof container; place biohazard symbol on this container. Disinfect the container before placing in a durable, leak-proof, lidded secondary transport box or container. The secondary container will be disinfected and securely closed for transport.

For added safety, containers should be transported on a cart to further minimize spill hazards.


4.8.2 Transporting Biohazardous Waste to Autoclave Facilities

Waste must be securely closed and sprayed thoroughly with 70% ethanol.

Waste must be placed within a secondary container (e.g., Nalgene or stainless steel pan, plastic lidded tub, etc.) which is dedicated for this function and labeled with a Biohazard label.

Waste must be transported in secondary containers on a cart to autoclave facilities.