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4.9 Shipping Biological Materials to Domestic and International Destinations

Contact EHS Biosafety group if you need to ship biohazardous materials with or without dry ice.

Make contact at least 3 working days before your preferred shipment date; allow longer for international shipments. These shipments are typically mailed on Monday-Wednesday.

A certified shipper of hazardous materials at EHS will work with you to prepare for the shipment, as follows:

  • The sender completes a Biohazardous Shipping Request Form and submits it to the EHS certified shipper, who 1) determines how the shipment must be classified according to biosafety level, presence of chemicals/preservatives, etc., and 2) schedules a shipment date with the sender.
  • EHS certified shipper discusses these specifics with the sender: 1) sender must obtain needed permits and provide them to the EHS certified shipper prior to shipment; 2) sender must provide cold packs or dry ice in appropriate quantity, if needed, at time of packaging for shipment.
  • EHS certified shipper will determine and provide the appropriate packaging system, attach required labels/ markings to outer package, and prepare airway bill and other needed documents.
  • EHS certified shipper arrives at sender’s research laboratory on agreed-upon date, and works with sender to package the shipment. The certified shipper will take the sealed package to EHS for pickup by the carrier.