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Incident and Accident Reporting

Copy this section and place it near the lab’s telephone.

1. As soon as any initial response is complete and the incident is stable, immediately notify:

  • The Lab Director and/or Lab Manager
  • The Animal Facility Manager/ Greenhouse Manager (if applicable)
  • A Biosafety Officer (BSO) by telephone (preferred) or email.

2. The BSO will acknowledge receipt of notification by communicating to the reporting person via phone or email and will begin notifying other appropriate personnel and/or agencies.

3. IMPORTANT:  If the incident involves a known exposure to recombinant material (e.g., rDNA/ synthetic nucleic acids/ transgenic or genetically modified organisms), the BSO must inform NIH without delay, thus IMMEDIATE reporting is required.

4. The reporting person and the supervisor of the facility (e.g., Lab Director/ Lab Manager/ Animal Facility Manage/ Greenhouse Manager) must complete a Virginia Tech Lab Incident Report and submit it to the BSO via email (preferred) or campus mail (MS 0423) as soon as possible.

5. BSO will acknowledge receipt of this report via email.

6. If an injury or exposure has occurred, an Employer’s Accident Report must be completed immediately by the supervisor per directions found on the linked web page.

7. If the supervisor does not complete the report in a timely manner, injured/exposed individuals are encouraged to complete the Employer’s Accident Report themselves.  If a paper form is completed rather than the online form, submit the paper form to Teresa Lyons ( or MS 0318).


Biosafety Officers