Finding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

The opportunities update has now progressed to a dynamic, searchable system.

Funding Opportunities User Manual

To assist in the transition from the static opportunity update page to the dynamic funding opportunities system, we have created a how-to user manual.

Opportunity Update Archives

An archive of the Opportunity Update is still available to support our users that may have an opportunity of interest from a previous posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified of new updates?
You may check the web site to perform searches, or you may subscribe to the notification e-mail from within the web site. Update e-mails will be sent out once each Saturday.

How will this new system benefit me?
The purpose for implementing this system is so that
finding opportunities will be much easier for the end user. Rather than scrolling through lengthy web pages, users of the web site may search opportunities based on their interest, keyword of choice, or even agency of choice.

What are my options for performing a search?
You may search by the following:

  • General Keyword
  • Title
  • Abstract / Description
  • Keyword List
  • Sponsoring Agency
  • Notes
  • VT Groups

More Information

Other policies and procedures for Limited Submissions will remain the same except for those involving Tobacco Commission pre-proposals which have their own rules as indicated at the top of the page.

If you have questions or problems with the new process, contact Beth Tranter at or 540-231-1782.