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Research Security and Open Science: A Panel Discussion About the Need for Transparency and Security in Science

On the surface principles and approaches that prioritize transparency, collaboration, and openness in scientific research might appear to contradict with the need to safeguard the privacy of research participants or minimize threats to national or international security. Upon further inspection it can be seen that engaging in open science is not an all or nothing endeavor. This panel will bring together voices from the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance, the Privacy and Research Data Protection program, and University Libraries to discuss the compelling ethical reasons why both research security and open science are critical considerations as we strive to conduct collaborative research with partners from around the world.

Research Security and Open Science: A Panel Discussion About the Need for Transparency and Security in Science

Sept. 28 | 12 - 2 p.m.



Rachel Miles portrait.

Rachel Miles

Research Impact Coordinator and Assistant Professor
Virginia Tech University Libraries


Rachel Miles assists administrators and researchers with research metrics, assessment, analytics, and communication.  A large part of her position focuses on researcher profiles and support for the research information management system, Elements, used at Virginia Tech, and its connected public profile system, Virginia Tech Experts. She also focuses on online researcher visibility and impact in her educational materials and instruction, which incorporates three main concepts: openness and discoverability of scholarly outputs, researcher profiles and their connections, and promotion and communication of research.

Rachel also grounds her work in fair, ethical, and responsible research assessment and has taken efforts in university governance to advocate for and help implement equitable and responsible research assessment practices.

John Talerico portrait.

John Talerico

Export and Secure Research Compliance
Facility Security Officer
Virginia Tech

John has over 10 years of experience in export control compliance at Virginia Tech, previously serving as a program manager in the office prior to being named director in 2019. He is responsible for the leadership and management of the administrative unit charged with university-wide compliance with export control, sanctions, research security, and industrial security laws and regulations, which involves developing and maintaining policies and procedures, training programs, and compliance plans as required.

Prior to 2009, John spent 3 years as a licensing associate for Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. charged with protecting, marketing, licensing, and working with outside entities to commercialize technologies developed at Virginia Tech. John is a 2006 graduate of the Virginia Tech MBA program and holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.

Julie Cook portrait.

Julie Cook

Privacy and Research Data Protection program


Julie Cook joined the Privacy and Research Data Protection program in January 2023. She comes to Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance with over 20 years of experience as a research associate at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute where she collaborated with researchers to develop methods and processes to protect research participants, comply with regulations, and support secure sharing of research data.

Her expertise in privacy, de-identification, and data sharing provides support to the research community as they navigate data protection and release across the research data lifecycle.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Idaho.

Jonathan Petters portrait.

Jonathan Petters

Associate Director,
Data Management and Curation Services
University Libraries


As the Associate Director of Data Management and Curation Services, Jonathan Petters supervises a team that provides research data management planning, training, and curation support to researchers across Virginia Tech through the University Libraries.

Previously he served in a data management role at Johns Hopkins University with the university’s Data Management Services group. Jon holds a Ph.D in meteorology from Penn State and researched aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions in shallow cloud systems.

Ginny Pannabecker portrait.

Virginia "Ginny" Pannabecker

Assistant Dean and Director,
Research Collaboration and Engagement
University Libraries


Virginia "Ginny" Pannabecker is assistant dean and director, Research Collaboration and Engagement (RCE) at Virginia Tech, University Libraries. The RCE team manages three health sciences libraries, and provides research services for the Virginia Tech community across disciplines in:

  • Collaboration and team science
  • Evidence synthesis
  • Research impact and intelligence
  • Research information management
  • Increasing visibility and engagement with Research and scholarship
  • Undergraduate research

Ginny is a member and leader in professional organizations, such as: the Medical Library Association, and the Association of College and Research Libraries - Science and Technology Section.

About the Series

The Division of Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance’s Investigator Series provides researchers with a peer-to-peer forum to share ethical considerations that they make during the design, conduct and dissemination of their research. This style of learning opens the door to new perspectives and meaningful conversations in the pursuit of research excellence.