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Agreements Tracking FAQs

Agreements Tracking is a system used in the Virginia Tech Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Compliance offices to keep track of any agreement currently under negotiation or setup that is related to a sponsored research project.

This includes new awards and modifications for newly proposed funds (not incremental funding for previously proposed funds) and non-funded agreements such as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Master Agreement, Facilities Use Agreement, Materials Transfer, Non Disclosure Agreement, etc.  No-cost time extensions are not included.

You have two options:

  1. Go to the Virginia Tech Portal at, log on with your PID, click on the RESEARCH tab, and find the Agreements Tracking link in the middle of the page.  This is the preferred method since a single login provides access to many other tools on the page without re-typing your PID and password.

  2. A web link is available on the Electronic Research Administration (ERA) page, which can be found at

Your OSP pre-award or contracts administrator  can answer questions and get you started using the system.   All OSP administrators use the system on a regular basis and are adept with it. 

You may also contact the Research Administration Systems (RAS) team by sending an e-mail to

A short ten-minute training video for faculty researchers is available on the ERA web page at http://www.research.vt.edd/era/agreements-tracking/training.

The system is available now for all faculty researchers and department business managers and fiscal staff.

The system will provide up-to-date information on what’s going on with any award or agreement you have under negotiation. 

Instead of wondering “Where’s my PAN?”, log in and look at the list.  The system tells you when the award was received in OSP, who it was assigned to, all concurrent sub-assignments to Legal, Conflict of Interest, or other compliance office;  or if the OSP contract administrator is waiting on information from the sponsor or the principal investigator. 

All personnel working on the agreement are listed so you know who to call with questions after you’ve reviewed the status online.

Go the and click on Agreements Tracking.

If you are a research faculty, you will see all agreements in which you are named as a ‘Project Personnel’ – generally the ones in which you are either the main Principal Investigator (PI) or a co-PI. 

If you are a business manager or in a fiscal support role, you should see all the agreements in your department.  This is based on Banner organization numbers and you should be authorized to certain organizations just like in Banner.  If you suspect that you are set up incorrectly in the system, please contact

Faculty and staff have view-only access to the system.  Please call or email as you normally would if you have a question for the OSP or Compliance staff who are working on the agreement.

The default setting is – no email.  The OSP staff working on your agreement will contact you if you need to take action. 

However, you can override that and tell the Agreements Tracking system to automatically email you when there is activity on a particular agreement.  Open the agreement detail screen and click on ‘Watch’  on the right side of the screen.  You are now a ‘Watcher’ and will get an email every time something happens on THAT agreement only.  You can click it again at any time to stop watching.  You must click Watch on every agreement you want to watch – it is NOT a blanket watch setting for all your agreements.

You will see your ‘dashboard’, which has two sections:  the Open Agreements section holds all agreements still under active negotiation.  The Closed (or Completed) Agreements section holds agreements for which the PAN has been set up or, in the case of a non-funded agreement, the agreement has been executed.

Sub-tasks are related activities that go on concurrently and are necessary for the completion of an agreement. 

For example, an agreement that needs export control review will have a sub-task assigned to the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC).  This allows us to track the assignment and status of that particular task in parallel with tracking the main negotiation and other sub-tasks.