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Solar cells could get quantum boost

Closing the gaping hole in the nuclear-fuel cycle

UT receives $18 million award to study nation's power grid

Yilu Liu, who was recruited from Virginia Tech two years ago, has been monitoring the power production and use through thousands of frequency disturbance recorders installed in different parts of the nation's grid. ...

The decisions and consequences of biomass

Paul M. Winistorfer, dean of the College of Natural Resources and Environment, publishes an article discussing the global demand for energy and current interest in biofuels development.

BESC scores a first with isobutanol directly from cellulose

DOE Energy Innovation Portal Connects Innovative Energy Technologies to the Marketplace

ORNL Microscopy Generates New View of Fuel Cells

Energy harvesting yields powerful crops

Researchers at Virginia Tech using renewable energy for bridge inspections

Shashank Priya, head of Virginia Tech's Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems, and his research team plan to use stress-to-energy technology to test the strength and safety of bridges.

Math Framework Could Help Convert 'Junk' Energy To Useful Power

Polymer Sandwich Harvests Electricity From Waste Heat

Molecular-level Energy Storage

Chicken litter to poultry power

Jim Pease, a professor from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, presented a talk on nutrient management and also gave an overview of poultry in the Shenandoah Valley.


Termites' digestive system could act as biofuel refinery

Fracking Nation

Environmental concerns over a controversial mining method could put America's largest reservoirs of clean-burning natural gas beyond reach. Is there a better way to drill?

Bendy solar cells that can be printed onto paper

Device captures ambient electromagnetic energy to drive small electronic devices

Virginia Cooperative working for biofuels opportunities for state's farmers, industry leaders (Kingsport Times-News)

With a simple coating, nanowires show a dramatic increase in efficiency and sensitivity

Six Ways to Harness the Wasted Energy of Trains (and Their Passengers) – Energy-Efficient Subway Sytems (Popular Mechanics)

New eco-friendly programs considered (Virginia Tech Collegiate Times)

Virginia Tech's Office of Energy and Sustainability has also considered installing BigBelly Solar units around campus. "They're actually pretty popular on college campuses, and they've proven really effective," says campus sustainability planner.

Batteries not included; New sensor uses movement to power wireless signals

Virginia Beach hosts wind energy conference

George Hagerman, a researcher and wind expert in the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, described the biggest quandaries facing Virginia's drive for offshore wind.

University of Minnesota engineering researchers discover new source for generating 'green' electricity

Is Fusion Power Finally For Real?

"Stretching' Technology Could Improve Battery Performance

Virginia Businesses, Organizations Partner With Virginia Energy Sense to Help Encourage Public to "Value Your Power"

Virginia Tech victorious in EcoCAR Challenge

Virginia Tech wins U.S. contest with 82-MPG car

ORNL neutrons, simulations reveal details of bioenergy barrier

Biochemists reveal new twist on old fuel source

First wood-digesting enzyme found in bacteria could boost biofuel production

Neutron analysis explains dynamics behind best thermoelectric materials

Biochemists reveal new twist on old fuel source

Discovery opens the door to electricity from microbes

The dangers of energy generation

ORNL energy harvesters transform waste into electricity

Virginia farmer grows energy plant-by-plant on 35 acres devoted to canola oil production

Turning Waste Heat Into Electricity

U South Carolina cuts computer energy use with software created by Virginia Tech faculty member

Materials Scientists' Solar Cell Has a Virus—and That's a Good Thing

In the wake of a wind turbine

New ORNL solar cell technology cranks up efficiency

Acoustic Energy Harvesters Gaining Volume

Green Machine: Using saltiness to make power

Pressure mounts to repeal Virginia's 30-year ban on uranium mining

Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible

Focus on Fuels: Developing Sustainable Biofuel Crops

The Bridge To Fusion: Four Advanced Nuclear Fission Technologies

Water oxidation advance aims at solar fuel

VT parking garage to hold solar panels

Algae Could Replace 17% of U.S. Oil Imports

National Energy Technology Laboratory comments on pressing topics

ORNL, industry collaboration puts spotlight on solar

New Battery Produces Energy Using the Ions in Plain Old Seawater

Novel Nanowires Boost Fuel Cell Efficiency

Up in the Air: How Flying Turbines Will Change Wind Power

Quite Simply, The World's Most Energy Efficient Office Building

Materials scientists at Harvard demonstrate the first macro-scale thin-film solid-oxide fuel cell

Strong, nanostructured membrane enables scaling for practical clean-energy applications

Wave Power: 5 Bright Ideas to Capture the Ocean's Energy

Replacing batteries may become a thing of the past, thanks to 'soft generators'

How Green is Biomass Energy?

'Green' fuel from red seaweed

Size Matters: Smaller Particles Could Make Solar Panels More Efficient

Turning Toxic Waste Into Greener Cars, Stronger Metals

Neutron analysis yields insight into bacteria for solar energy

New technology would dramatically extend battery life for mobile devices

Eight Myths and Challenges of Renewable Energy

Vision would bring European energy-production concept to Pittsylvania County

EcoCar challenge takes energy

SunShot: Lowering the Price of Electricity from the Sun

Virginia has clean-energy role to play

Virginia Tech professors question Virginia Beach study

Simulating gasification

Overfertilizing Corn Undermines Ethanol

OptaFuel Plans to Construct Pilot Plant in Southwest Virginia

How National Security Depends on Better Lithium Batteries

California Greenhouses Will Use Sun's Heat to Extract Sticky Oil

EU biofuel target not achievable

Pumping Oil with Sunshine [Slide Show]

New thermal plant uses a greenhouse to make solar steam cheap

Power of cool: Liquid air to store clean energy

This microbe's for you: Brewery waste becomes scientific fodder for producing liquid biofuels

Enzyme cocktail could eliminate a step in biofuel process

New batteries fix themselves

Are photovoltaics that beat thermodynamics possible?

News 7 tours construction progress at new Bedford research center

Household sewage: Not waste, but a vast new energy resource

Green energy body yet to see government green light

4 Bold — and Realistic — Plans to Fix Our Energy System

Offshore Wind Power Line Wins Backing

Most efficient wind farm layout is also the least disruptive

ORNL has key roles in DOE cybersecurity for energy effort

Virginia Tech is a partner

A low-cost catalyst prepares to take on power-plant emissions

Cairn Energy Strikes Oil in Greenland

Viruses have been tapped to build batteries that can be sprayed onto uniforms

Penn State to Lead Philadelphia-Based Team that will Pioneer New Energy-Efficient Building Designs

Despite Costs, ‘Clean Coal’ Remains Obama Priority

Experts selected for NAS uranium study

Virginia Tech will sponsor the $1.4 million study, handling the money and working with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Altered Microbe Makes Biofuel

7 Gadgets That Gather Energy While They Work

Bright lights, green living (New York Times Blog)

Hours before dawn Wednesday, a team from Virginia Tech arrived in Times Square to begin setting up their fully functional solar-powered demonstration home: Lumenhaus.

District bill would create fund for green upgrades

(From Washington Business Journal) A widely publicized effort spawned in 2008 by Virginia Tech and several partners, called the Energy Efficiency Partnership of Greater Washington, ...

Comeback of marine and hydrokinetic energy in the USA

Uranium mining study has been approved

Eletrobras Seeks US Power Transmission Investments, Gama Says

ORNL "deep retrofits" can cut home energy bills in half

VCU to complete green projects by fall 2010

Va. regs say 10 percent power reduction possible

Educators see future in 'green' jobs

Veterans Green Jobs trains veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to pursue energy conservation jobs. NVCC and Virginia Tech had already been ...

Uranium study on hold

Dominion working with Virginia Tech on smart grid tech

Chemists describe solar energy progress and challenges, including the 'artificial leaf'

Methane maps step one for energy prospectors

Engineering research center to break ground in Bedford

Obama announces winners of Smart-Grid Stimulus

Energy Dept. Aid for Scientists on the Edge

The East is Green

Virginia to receive federal funds for energy projects

Mapping the Route to a Cleaner-Energy Future

Synchrophasor data will assess health of grid

Millions for Green Energy Projects at Virginia State Agencies, Schools

China could meet its energy needs by wind alone

Waves and tides may one day provide electricity to homes - but a backlash is building

Virginia Tech, Dominion propose carbon-capture demonstration project

Southside companies meet with national leaders

Clean-Coal Proposal Heats Up

Virginia Tech's "Smart House" goes on display

Change We Can Really Believe In!

Powershift, and numerous campus-based events, has been a continuous leader in the Virginia Tech student movement for several years. ...

Glycerin Could Be the Next Untapped Energy Resource

Entreprenuers rethink America's energy use

Trident Tech partners with Virginia Tech on green work force development program

Secretary Chu Announces More than $57 Million in Recovery Act Funding to Advance Smart Grid Development

U of Tenn. gets power grid expert from Virginia Tech

Move to Put the Union Label on Solar Power Plants

Synthetic cells get together to make electronics

CPES Sustainable Building Design Initiative (SBDI) to begin July 2009

Renewable Energy: A Reality Check in Rural China

To mine or not to mine

The nuclear option

High-Altitude Wind Machines Could Power New York City

Infinite Power Solutions' INFINERGY(TM) Micro Power Module Wins Two Major Industry Awards

Back to the FutureGen: ‘Clean’ Coal Plant Gets New Backing (a Blog from Wired)

A useable alternative fuel source grows locally

Energy harvesting and storage

Virginia Tech is mentioned as one of the collaborators and users of the Infinite Power Solutions technology.

Winning Dixie: Drawing in the Southeastern U.S. (from

The map shows the new 765 kV lines that the U.S. needs to make wind energy capable of producing 20% of electricity supply.

Energy Commission Releases Virginia Tech Study on Upstream Challenges for Coal in the U.S.

New power plants try to avoid coal or scrub it ‘clean’

Colleges offer new alternative-energy degrees, fueled by student demand

New lignin 'lite' switchgrass boosts biofuel yield by more than one-third

Boosting the efficiency of buckyball photovoltaics

A New Energy Label Promotes Wind Power (blog)

'Green' Fuel From Red Seaweed

ORNL's Jaguar helps BMI win award, nation save fuel

DOE to invest $27 million in solar energy

Report Identifies Materials Technologies That Address Critical Energy and Economic Challenges

4 Bold—and Realistic—Plans to Fix Our Energy System

Energy underfoot: Bringing up heat from the center of the planet

Fossil-fuel focused NETL: Going clean?

Sierra Club supports wind farm

Dr. Chu Talks Efficiency

10 Wind Turbines That Push the Limits of Design

White House Going Solar - Again

Turning waste heat into power

American Solar Energy Society Hits 50-State National Solar Tour Milestone ...

China May Soon Make Use of Its Solar Assets

Promising hydrogen storage material

More Winners Under DOE's High Risk Fund ARPA-E

Virginia makes pitch for offshore winds project

New Technique Improves Efficiency Of Biofuel Production

Reid warms to July climate vote

Windows that work as solar cells

East Coast Governors Join Forces for Clean, Renewable Energy from Wind

Fungus among us could become nonfood source for biodiesel production

APCo application for wind power denied

University researchers develop first stable bio-oil for transportation use

Green machine: Cars could run on sunlight and CO2

New Coating Turns Nanotubes Into Dense, Strong Batteries

Study Paves Way For New Biofuels Models, Technologies

Smart Grid Progresses in PJM Region

New project aims for fusion ignition

Today's Clean Tech Could Power the World by 2050

Circuit Breaker? Electric Car Popularity May Depend on Home Energy Management

Keep energy from going to waste

Scientists turning a fungus into a fuel

Breakthrough In Converting Heat Waste To Electricity

Relativity Powers Your Car Battery

"Nanoscoops" Could Spark New Generation of Electric Automobile Batteries

Researchers combine brainpower on massive thermoelectric project

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Virginia Tech Researchers Deploy EnerNOC's Energy Management Applications in "Lean" Manufacturing Study

GE Energy offers 2 fellowships

Better batteries from the bottom up

Project helps homeowners, town make decisions about alternative energy

Preparing students to roll off the campus and into big automotive jobs

Virginia Tech student engineering team is preparing to compete in the Department of Energy's car of the future competition against teams from 16 other universities.

Renewable Energy - The Facts (book review)

Return Of The Avion Car

Fresh Capital in the Uranium Fuel Race

Dawn of a new energy age?

New energy technology can change the world

MIT team's solar cell can repair itself, thereby avoiding loss in performance

Energy efficiency would save southern states big bucks

Technology Behind The Green Fuel Of The Future

Looking To The Oceans For Next Generation Biofuels

Virginia Governor Signs Green Energy Legislation

Wind energy harvester from Humdinger

Housing group wins energy award

Water oxidation advance aims at solar fuel

Virginia uranium study starts

Virginia Energy Resources Inc.: National Academy of Sciences Signs Contract for Uranium Study

Nuclear energy making a comeback?

Virginia Tech’s sun-powered Lumenhaus leaves people mesmerized in Times Square

Virginia Energy Policy: Electricity Production & the Coal Option

Is solar energy the way?

IEEE creates Web portal on smart grids

Virginia Energy Policy: Electricity Production & the Renewables Option

Clemson to get $98M for wind energy test facility

Osmotic power debuts in Norway

On the Crest of Wave Energy

Solar living, without compromising on lifestyle

Virginia Tech's Lumenhaus Sports Sliding Solar Panels: Solar Decathlon

5 Technologies Missing From the Clean Energy Bill

Smartphone, Smart House

Eco-Engineers from The Ohio State Win Gold at 2009 Ecocar Competition

IDTechEx Conference on Energy Harvesting and Storage

Devices emerge to handle the quirks of adding more renewable energy to the grid

Deeds outlines plan for alternative energy

Virginia Tech selected as one of two U.S. universities invited to compete in Solar Decathlon Europe in 2010

Hopes for wind power picking up in Virginia Beach

Ocean power surges forward

Chicken Litter Project Gains Fans

Brewing Biohydrogen from Beer, Food Waste

MMS gives Offshore Leadership Awards

Researchers study Jerusalem artichoke for ethanol

UF, VT solar homes go to Europe

Virginia aims to grow energy out of tobacco funds

Going to the next level

James Thorp, head of the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech, is currently trying to update the country’s updated power grid to integrate renewable energies.

Opinion: Sowing seeds for green

Virginia Tech is figuring out ways to upgrade the national power grid into a “smart grid” that integrates power from renewable sources.

State panel frames Virginia uranium mining study

A subcommittee of the Coal and Energy Commission yesterday approved a tentative outline developed by Michael Karmis, director of Virginia Tech’s Coal and Energy Research Center

Oak Ridge National Laboratory to receive $71.2 million in Recovery Act funding

The new 160,000 square-foot facility will house some 200 researchers working on projects that include solar batteries, corrosion resistant materials, and superconducting transmission lines.

Mr. Obama's Energy Future

New York Times editorial, Thursday, February 26, 2009

Renewable energy research bill dies in committee

From the Charlottesville, Virginia, Daily Progress: Ruff also objected to the bill’s provision that only UVa and Virginia Tech had appointed positions on the foundation’s board.

The cost of the biofuel boom: destroying Indonesia’s forests

From Fnu Sunarto, a Virginia Tech doctoral candidate in wildlife biology, is working in Sumatra to working with oil palm managers to save endangered Sumatran tigers.

McAuliffe Stumps In Dayton, City

From the Harrisonburg Daily News Record in Harrisonburg, Virginia: Governor candidate learns about alternative energy projects.

Harnessing the Tides: Marine Power Update 2009

Story on the website quotes George Hagerman of Virginia Tech's Advanced Research Institute about how "tidal turbines have benefited from a quarter century of wind turbine development."

Barley may rebound in Kentucky

From Southeast Farm Press: Demand is beginning to slowly increase, and ethanol might be the reason.

New coal dewatering technology turns sludge to powder

Dark Days for Green Energy

From the New York Times

EcoCAR Teams Roll Out Architectures for ‘Green’ Vehicle of the Future

Students provide glimpse into the future of Clean Vehicle Technology solutions as they reveal cutting-edge EcoCAR designs. Eight of the EcoCAR teams, including Virginia Tech, chose to design Extended Range Electric Vehicles...

Bio-Oil Heats Up

From AgWeb: Virginia Tech researchers recently announced that they are developing a portable pyrolysis unit that will create bio oil from poultry waste. ...

Hundreds of coal ash dumps lack regulation

(From the New York Times) Most coal byproduct dumps in the U.S. are unregulated, but they contain chemicals that threaten health

Donnachaidh to bring 25 jobs to Cyber Park

(From the Chatham Star Tribune, Chatham, Virginia) Donnachaidh will establish a significant forestry operation to produce hybrid yellow poplars on land that will be reclaimed from abandoned and gravel mines. The trees will be used to produce dimensional lumber, chips and ... bio-fuels.

Harnessing methane gas: Startup hopes to make cash from trash

From the Roanoke Times: Green KW Energy plans to harness methane from a Montgomery County landfill

At a sleek bioenergy lab, a lens on a cabinet pick

A feature about Steven Chu, the next energy secretary

Be a clean, green washing machine by saving energy when doing the dishes

From the Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle: An interview with JoAnn Emmel, an associate professor in Virginia Tech's Department of Apparel, Housing & Resource Management in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

Thin films research lands engineering professor the Air Force Young Scientist Award

Shashank Priya is an associate professor of mechanical engineering in Virginia Tech's College of Engineering.

Berkeley scientists discover inexpensive metal catalyst for generating hydrogen from water

Study outlines Virginia offshore energy prospects

GE to tap demand for smart meters in $200 billion global market

Regulators Approve First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S.

Energy efficiency paying off in reduced utility bills

Nanogenerators Tap Waste Energy To Power Ultrasmall Electronics

The new jobs in atomic energy

Scientists Developing More Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

City Leaders Seek Energy Jobs

Green vs. Green: Judge Halts Wind Project to Protect Rare Bats

Virginia’s energy future

Trimming the Costs of Wind Power

George Hagerman, an ocean-energy specialist at Virginia Tech, said the United States in particular would have to think creatively to keep costs down ...

New Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Seal Could Help Bring Efficient Energy Technology To Market

Virginia Tech One of Two U.S. Universities to Compete in Solar Decathlon Europe

CABI launches biofuels social networking site

Clean Energy Alliance Announces New Member

The Governor of Virginia plans to use his last year in office to push alternative energy...

Harvesting power from raindrops

Virginia Tech geologist to study Coles Hill deposit

Perriello talks new energy at roundtable

Dominion Virginia Power donates smart-grid equipment to engineering program; launches $45,000 fellowship

Rising Fear of a Future Oil Shock

Sharp reductions in investments and low oil prices could curb future supplies by almost eight million barrels a day within the next five years.

Do New Bulbs Save Energy if They Don’t Work?

Virginia Tech professor's textbook was honored as finalist for award

The textbook is Energy for Sustainability: Technology, Planning, Policy, by Virginia Tech's John Randolph and Gilbert M. Masters.

Pepco Energy Services Awarded Design-Build Contract

The project will incorporate best practices from the Energy Efficiency Partnership of Greater Washington, the Virginia Tech led initiative.

Supervisors seek neutral input on wind energy

From the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, West Virginia: The Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority has agreed to complete an economic analysis on wind energy at no cost to the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors ... Virginia Tech, or other regional institutions, could be selected to complete the study.

"Creating Opportunity Out of Crisis? Look to Technologies of the Future"

From the Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia: Senator Creigh Deeds' Viewpoint: Bruce's company, Electric Jet, is working in partnership with Virginia Tech to develop a hydrogen gas turbine engine that produces no carbon dioxide. ...

Mining group to meet March 24

From the Madison Messenger, Danville, Virginia: The Virginia Coal and Energy Commission’s Uranium Mining Subcommittee, tasked with studying the safety and hazards of uranium mining in the state, will hold a meeting March 24 in Richmond. Michael Karmis, director of the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech, will present a proposal for the study’s scope.

Local business on the cutting edge of green

From Southwest Virginia Today in Richlands, Virginia: A pilot project involves Virginia Tech. PME has an agreement with the Southgate food center at Virginia Tech.

Preparing for a Flood of Energy Efficiency Spending

From the New York Times: Experts worry that cities aren't ready to oversee the energy-efficiency money coming their way.

The Other Automotive X-Prize—EcoCAR: The Next Challenge

From Popular Mechanics: The story quotes Lynn Gantt, electrical team leader for Virginia Tech's team.

Column: Renewable energy sources are undeniably in near future

From the Virginia Tech Collegiate Times Online Edition: "Today I call upon the Committee on Energy and Sustainability at Virginia Tech to transition the focus of the sustainability plan from energy efficiency to renewable energy."

Supporters of off-shore wind farm seek stimulus help

From the Virginian Pilot, Hampton Roads, Virginia: The study is one of five alternative-energy initiatives being pursued by the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium, based at Old Dominion University. ... Created by the General Assembly in 2006, the consortium is a collection of scientists from multiple public universities, including ODU, Norfolk State University, Virginia Tech and James Madison University. Its intent: generate green-power ideas, which the private sector could then build out to market size.

Stanford launches $100 million initiative to tackle energy issues

Stanford is establishing a $100 million research institute to focus intently on energy issues, President John Hennessy announced today. The $100 million in new funds will enable the hiring of additional faculty and support new graduate students, in addition to the more than $30 million in yearly funding now spent on energy research. The new Precourt Institute for Energy will draw on deep scientific expertise from across the campus and around the world.

Pittsylvania Co. uranium mining plan finds friends and foes

(From the Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA)

Public can shape study on uranium

(From the Richmond Times Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia) An Associated Press story provides background for the Chatham hearing on Jan. 6

Chu named energy chief

President-elect signals a policy shift on energy and climate issues

Remarks from Basic Research: Fueling America's Future Event

Steven Chu, Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Nobel Laureate

DOE funds bio-oil stabilization projects

From Biomass magazine: Virginia Tech proposed research involving the development of technology that produces a stable bio-oil.

Wind could be next cash crop in state

From the Culpeper, Virginia, Star Exponent

Virginia commission to study effects of uranium mining

From The Washington Post: The Coal and Energy Commission will ask the National Academy of Sciences and the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech to review ..."

“Virginia Commission OKs Study of Uranium Mining”

From "The study will pair the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech with the National Academy of Sciences..."

“SiCortex Responds to Industry Need for Systems-Level Energy”

From "The Green500, founded by Dr. Wu-chun Feng of Virginia Tech, is the current metric for evaluating performance-per-watt. ..."

The Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems Hosts 4th Annual Energy Harvesting Workshop Jan. 28-29

This workshop will bring together academic and industrial researchers on one platform to review past developments, current challenges and future goals in the field of energy harvesting and its application to structural health monitoring.

Virginia Tech's Solar Decathlon project to hold electric car raffle

The car to be raffled is a two-seat GEM e2 produced by Dailmer-Chrysler. It is street legal and, because it uses no gas, costs about $60 per year to operate.

Proposal ties economic stimulus to energy plan

From the New York Times: A stimulus plan being fashioned will likely include an energy-efficiency component costing $15 billion or more.

Research into energy part of new future

Editorial in the Lynchburg, Virginia, News & Advance

Two venture firms invest in Virginia Tech faculty member green information technology invention

The energy challenge: Energy goals a moving target for states

From the New York Times: States' struggles to satisfy energy mandates offer lessons for the next administration.

Hopewell (ethanol) plant: Will it stink or blow up?

Includes information from Jim Pease and Percival Zhang of Virginia Tech.

New Danville company to focus on hybrid process

From the Madison Messenger in Danville, Virginia: The new company will benefit from research at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research and Virginia Tech.

IBM supercomputers rated most energy efficient

Article in PC World magazine quotes Wu-chun Feng, director of the Synergy Laboratory and associate professor of computer science and electrical & computer engineering at Virginia Tech.

Spotlight on Agricultural Bioproducts

Features Virginia Tech researchers who are developing technologies that could use agricultural residue for energy, for better forms of fertilizer, and perhaps to help some regional economies in Virginia.

“Solving an Age-Old Problem”

A College of Agriculture and Life Sciences publication, Innovations, mentions Virginia Tech researcher Foster Agblevor’s work with poultry growers to test technology that would convert poultry litter to pyrodiesel (bio-oil), producer gas, and fertilizer. Agblevor's research uses a portable pyrolysis unit.

“Biofuels: The Search for Innovative Solutions to the Energy Crisis”

A round-up article on biofuels in the Fall 2008 issue of the Virginia Tech Magazine

“Kingsport Man Designs His Own Hybrid Vehicle”

From the Kingsport Times-News website: The car's designer, a Virginia Tech graduate, lives in an energy-efficient passive solar home that he designed.

Energy Efficiency Partnership (EEP) of Greater Washington, founded by Virginia Tech, featured in The Voice of Technology

EEP aims to reduce energy use through building retrofits. In the article, “Do More By Using Less,” Laurel Colless, director of the EEP and senior project associate for research at Virginia Tech, joins other EEP partners and “green” advocates to explain why helping the environment is also good for business.

Professor awarded grant to research ways to create resilient and sustainable electric power and communications infrastructures

Lamine Mili, professor of electrical and computer engineering in Virginia Tech's National Capital Region, is the principal investigator for the four-year study.

The Annual Energy Outlook projecting United States energy trends through 2030

Hard task for new team on energy and climate

Project taking CO2 to new depths

From the Bluefield, West Virginia Daily Telegraph: A joint public-private partnership that includes the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech.

Schools restart nuclear programs

From the Richmond, Virginia, Times-Dispatch: Virginia Tech professor Gene Brown said the nuclear industry is the force behind the new and proposed degree programs.

Kopin wins solar-development contract from NASA

From Sustainable Business: Virginia Tech is partners with Kopin Corp. in $600,000 solar cell development project.

Kaine steers Virginia in direction of green jobs

From the Roanoke Times: Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has created a state task force and called for more aggressive marketing efforts to help Virginia attract renewable energy businesses, part of a multifaceted energy and environmental initiative dubbed "Renew Virginia."

Colleges drive research on electric cars

State seeks energy conservation input

Manure-to-Energy project gains attention of Virginia gubernatorial candidate

Gretna company grows, tests new products to change face of energy

Virginia Tech amps up alternative energy research

Green research at a glance

Virginia Tech researchers are involved in a wide range of energy research, from energy economics and policy to improving fossil-fuel technologies and developing alternative fuels.

Opinion: Uranium ban a wasted effort

Professor Jesse J. Richardson Jr., an attorney and faculty member in Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech, would be an appropriate speaker to educate the public on the differences between Dillon Rule states and home rule states.

Energy Secretary Chu Announces $1.2 Billion in Recovery Act Funding for Science

Clean Energy Update: Virginia city hybrid energy center reaches million safe man-hours

A Virginia Tech economic impact study concluded that the station will generate about $440 million a year in tax revenues and other benefits for Wise County.

Tall, hardy grass may be energy crop of the future

Virginia Tech is partnering in a study that's looking at switchgrass productivity under different management techniques. Researchers are adapting existing farming technology and applying biotechnology and genomics to the project.

Biomass and Other Alternative Fuels on the Rise at Colleges

NCAR Forecasts Help Xcel Energy Harness Wind Power

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has reached an agreement, announced in February, with Xcel Energy to provide highly detailed, localized weather forecasts to enable the utility to better integrate electricity generated from wind into the power grid. The forecasts will help operators make critical decisions about powering down traditional coal- and natural gas-fired plants when sufficient winds are predicted, allowing the utility to increase reliance on alternative energy while still meeting the needs of its customers. DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will support the project by developing mathematical formulas to calculate the amount of energy that turbines generate when winds blow at various speeds.

Chicken Litter Converter at Farm Expo

From WHSV-TV, Shenandoah, Virginia: The chicken litter could be used as a form of energy for people to use to heat their homes.

Two Virginia Tech professors named “Most admired educators” by national survey

From - Roanoke, VA: Jack Davis, College of Architecture and Urban Studies Dean and Reynolds Metals Endowed Professor of Architecture, became a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) in August 2007 ... Robert Dunay, the T.A. Carter Professor of Architecture and Center for Design Research Director, is a primary faculty advisor for the 2002, 2005, and 2009 Virginia Tech entries in the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition.

$100 million pledged for energy ideas

The Virginia Tobacco Commission will set aside $100 million to spend on alternative energy initiatives in Southside and Southwest Virginia

Coal Industry Digs Itself Out of a Hole in the Capitol

From the Wall Street Journal: Support from EPA, energy nominees signals Obama team headed toward center on matter of fossil fuels and carbon emissions

Developing New Energy Technologies

The Science Coalition features energy research at 3 universities

Hundreds show up for uranium mining study hearing

(From the Lynchburg, VA, News & Advance) Virginia Tech’s role in the study also came under attack

Heating bills might be lower

An article in the Richmond Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) quotes Irene Leech, a Virginia Tech associate professor of consumer affairs

Schools increase nuclear-education offerings

An Associated Press story as picked up by Forbes - NY, USA