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Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance FAQs

Updated: Dec. 21, 2020

The Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY) Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews protocols on behalf of Virginia Tech, so the same Virginia Tech guidance applies. If studies have been approved by BRANY to be conducted remotely with no face-to-face interaction with participants, e.g., surveys and questionnaires, they can continue without any modifications. However, research involving person-to-person contact or gatherings of human research participants should be paused immediately. If human participants in a study are at risk of harm from the research stoppage, please document a plan to safely discontinue protocol activities and submit the plan via an amendment to the IRB.

Conducting sponsored research at home depends on grant or contractual obligations related to data security, storage, and confidentiality measures as well as feasibility, e.g., equipment needs, risks. Check with the Office of Sponsored Project (OSP) or Privacy and Research Data Protections (PRDP) program via email:, if you are uncertain of the sponsor-related obligations for your research. Many data sets require privacy and security protections that might preclude remote access without special accommodation.

Available options for remote working can be found here. Please consult with Privacy and Research Data Protections (PRDP) program via email at for guidance about options for your project.