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Overview of Virginia Tech Policies

Policy 13010: Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment provides policy and procedural guidance for disclosure and approval of faculty involvement with external activities. The Online Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management System is used to disclose a relationship with an external organization and to seek advance approval for external activities or relationships with external entities on an annual basis.  The annual disclosure should be updated on an ongoing basis as new activities arise.  A management plan will document the agreement on how identified conflicts will be eliminated, reduced, and/or managed.  

Policy 13010 must be read in conjunction with additional guidance on consulting and conflicts of interest and commitment in the Faculty Handbook, related policies such as intellectual property, facilities usage, and outside/additional employment for staff, and state and federal statutes and regulations.

Conflict of Commitment

A conflict of commitment arises when the external activities of a faculty member are so demanding of their time, attention or focus that they interfere with the individual’s responsibilities to the university.

For more information on Conflict of Commitment, please see the relevant section of the faculty handbook.

Conflict of Interest

An individual conflict of interest occurs when a faculty member is in a position to advance one’s own interest or that of one’s family or others, to the detriment of the university.

Organizational Conflict of Interest

Virginia Tech is treated as a single contracting entity by the federal government. Multiple university relationships with the same federal sponsor may create an actual or perceived organizational conflict of interest.   

 Click here for more information on organizational conflict of interest.

Policy Applicability to Employees and Students

The provisions of policy 13010 requiring disclosure of potential conflicts of interest apply to all employees – faculty, staff, and employed students.