Submitting a Disclosure

Any university employee (or employed student) with a financial or managerial interest (such as income, royalties, consulting, equity ownership, or service as member of the board of directors or company officer ) in an external entity reasonably related to their institutional responsibilities must disclose that interest when it meets certain defined thresholds. The requirement for disclosure also applies to such interests of the employee’s immediate family members (“Family Member" or “Immediate Family Member” means an employee’s spouse or child who resides in the same household and who is a dependent of the employee). All consulting and outside/additional employment must be approved prior to engaging in the activity.

Last Updated 03/01/2018

Management Plans

A management plan is used to document the proposed strategies for eliminating, mitigating, or managing a potential conflict of interest.

Last Updated 8/10/2012

Research Agreement for Students and Postdoctoral Associates

Policy 13010: Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, requires students and postdoctoral associates to be fully informed if their faculty advisor or research supervisor has a significant conflict of interest related to the proposed research or employment. The department chair or graduate program director, and the relevant academic associate dean, will meet with the individual student or postdoc to review the nature of the conflict, university and academic policies, the potential risks of the proposed involvement, and the channels available to address perceived problems, should they occur.

Last Updated 11/13/2018

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