Updated Proposal Submission Policy and Guidelines effective August 22

As a courtesy to our Principal Investigators (PI), the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is sending out notifications and reminders of our updated Proposal Submission Policy and Guidelines effective August 22nd and located at:
The deadlines are unchanged from the revision to the submission guidelines that became effective on February 1st, 2011.  The latest revision to the policy simply reflects the reassignment of resources from the underutilized Proposal Assistance Group to the task of submitting “at risk” proposals. 
In order to be fair and provide quality service to Investigators that make timely submissions, proposals submitted after the deadlines in the policy are considered “at risk” and will not take priority over proposals that are submitted by the guidelines. 
Beginning the start of fall semester 2011 (August 22nd), “at risk” proposals will be given an extremely limited review, processed, and submitted exclusively by a specially trained “at risk” proposal processor.  We hope this will enhance the working relationship with your regularly assigned pre-award professional administrator by focusing their efforts on providing thorough, high quality reviews and assistance for timely proposal submissions.
To ensure proposals are submitted to sponsors by the deadline, all ADMINISTRATIVE documents (proposal forms, budgets, and other required documentation, excluding ELECTRONICALLY SUBMITTED, TECHNICAL documents) must be received in final format (ready to submit) at least 2 working days before a sponsor’s deadline.  PI’s are given an extra day to finalize the technical portions of the proposal, but any changes on that last day should not significantly impact the administrative documents already under review, particularly the budget. For the PI’s convenience 2 working days is defined as 9 a.m. on the day before a 5 p.m. (or later) deadline, - not 48 hours before the deadline. For any deadline prior to 5 p.m., the deadline is 48 hours prior to that deadline.
Please review the updated OSP Policy and Guidelines and do not hesitate to contact OSP if you have any questions at (540) 231-5281.

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