December 2012, January 2013 Patent Applications Reported

Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP) filed 12 patents filed in December 2012 on behalf of Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students. Two of these had support from the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS).

Provisional U.S. patents were filed for the following inventions:

“IOS/Cross Platform Application: Breast Cancer Community Action,” by Carla Finkielstein, associate professor of biological sciences, and Troy Abel, assistant professor in the School of Visual Arts.

“Systems and Methods for Providing Mesoscopic Mechanical Disturbances to the Central Nervous System,” by William J. Tyler, assistant professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VT-CRI); Wynn Legon, postdoctoral associate at VT-CRI; and students Jerel Mueller and Alexander Opitz.

“Remote Physical Activity Monitoring and Feedback Method and System,” by Ivica Ico Bukvic, associate professor of music; Benjamin Knapp, director of the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology; and human development instructor Matthew Komelski.       

“Semantic Interaction for Visual Analytics,” by associate professor of computer science Chris North and student Alex Endert. With support from ICTAS.

“Predictive Phase-Locked-Loop for Induction Power Transfer,” by Jason Lai, professor of electrical and computer engineering.

“Conversion of Cellulose to Starch through a Synthetic Enzymatic Pathway,” by associate professor of biological systems engineering Percival Zhang and student Hongge Chen.               

“New Processing Method for Grain-Oriented Lead-Free Piezoelectric Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3 Ceramics Exhibiting Giant Performance,” by Shashank Priya, professor of mechanical engineering (ME); and Deepam Maurya of the Energy Harvesting Group within ME.             

“Methods and Compositions for Identifying Global Microsatellite Instability and for Characterizing Informative Microsatellite,” by Harold “Skip” Garner, professor and director of the medical informatics and systems division of the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), and VBI medical informatician Hongseok Tae.

“Tire State Measurement System,” by Saied Taheri, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and student Mustafa Ali Arat.

A U.S. utility patent was sought for “Jellyfish-Inspired Tilt Sensor and Artificial Mesoglea,” by Shashank Priya and student Colin Smith.

International patents were sought for two inventions:

“Melt Electrospun Fibers Containing Micro and Nanolayers and Method of Manufacturing,” by ICTAS director Roop L. Mahajan; Eugene Joseph, ICTAS research professor; and Naresh Budhavaram, a student. With support from ICTAS.

“Chimeric Infectious DNA Clones, Chimeric Porcine Circovirus and Uses Thereof,” by X.J. Meng, professor of biomedical science, and student Martijn Fenaux.

Filed in October but not reported until December was “Lanthionine Synthetase Component C-Like Proteins as Molecular Targets for Preventing and Treating Diseases and Disorders,” by VBI professor Josep Bassaganya-Riera; VBI research assistant professor Raquel Hontecillas; and student Pinyi Lu.

Filed in November but not reported until December was “Method of Preventing and Treating Inflammatory Diseases and Disorders with Abscisic Acid,” by Josep Bassaganya-Riera, Raquel Hontecillas, and student Amir Guri.

In January, VTIP submitted 8 applications for patents.

U.S. provisional patents were sought for the following:

“A Wavelet-Based Rail Defect Detection Algorithm,” by Saied Taheri and student Brad Hopkins.    

“Method for Plasma Spray Electrode Wear State and Characteristic Identification,” by Romesh Batra, the Clifton C. Garvin Professor of engineering science and mechanics; materials science and engineering professor Gary Pickrell; and student Taylor Blair.

“Bacteriophage Felix O1 Endolysin as a Topical Spray/Rinse Application for the Remediation of Salmonella Bacteria,” by Nammalwar Sriranganathan, biomedical science professor; William Pierson, hospital director at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the College of Veterinary Medicine; and Lori Settle, research assistant with the veterinary medicine experiment station.

“Remote Light Energy Harvesting and Actuation Using Shape Memory Alloy-Piezoelectric Hybrid Transducer,” by Shashank Priya and student Dragan Avirovik. With support from ICTAS.             

“Building Panels Comprising Coconut Endocarp,” by Scott Renneckar, associate professor of sustainable biomaterials; and Zhiyuan Lin, research associate in the sustainable biomaterials department.

“Anti-Islanding Detection Algorithm and Modeling Approach for Three-Phase Distributed Generation Unit,” by Dushan Boroyevich, the American Electric Power Professor of electrical and computer engineering; power electronics systems professor Paolo Mattavelli; and student Dong Dong.

“Rapidly Deployable, Self-Elevating, Flow-Accelerating, Stream Energy Converter Platform,” by George Hagerman, research associate at the Advanced Research Center.

And an international patent was sought for “Cellulose Derivatives for Inhibiting Crystallization of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs,” by Kevin Edgar, professor of sustainable biomaterials, and students Bin Li, Stephanie Williams, and Haoyu Liu. With support from ICTAS.

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