Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Available Online

Biosafety and biosecurity awareness training is integral to promoting and maintaining a safe work environment, not only for those directly working with biohazardous materials, but also for those who must enter areas where these materials are handled or stored.

In collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety and sponsored by the Office for the Vice President for Research, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is pleased to announce the availability of online training (via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, CITI) to meet minimum requirements as mandated by NIH, CDC, and the university for research or teaching projects/programs involving the use of biohazardous materials.  Awareness training specifically targeted to animal care staff, emergency response personnel, and service/repair personnel is also available.

For further information:

  • Charlotte Waggoner, University Biosafety Officer (; 540-231-5864)

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