Alert Services

Do you want to keep up with the very latest funding opportunities in your specific area of interest? The alert services on this page are all free, and can be customized to let you know when funding becomes available in your field of study.

Community of Science Funding Alert is a personalized electronic notification service of funding information. COS Funding Alert subscribers receive a weekly e-mail with a customized list of funding opportunities based on previously specified criteria provided by the individual COS members. **In order to receive COS Funding Alert, the recipient must be a registered user of COS and must set up searches in a Funding Alert account through their personalized COS Workbench. See the Virginia Tech Expertise Database (VTED) web site for more information.


National Science Foundation Update is a Web-based and email-based alert service designed to keep you informed about new NSF publications and information. This service allows you select the types of information you are interested in. It alerts you to new publications and provides links to electronic copies that can be downloaded or printed, and allows you to subscribe to new content categories, such as Images and Videos, Events, and Upcoming Due Dates for Funding Opportunities. You can subscribe to National Science Foundation Update by clicking here. (Note: If you were a subscriber to NSF's previous e-mail alert service, MyNSF, your subscriptions have been automatically transffered to NSF Update.)

NASA has been posting all opportunities for competitive acquisitions over $25,000 on its Web Site, but now you can sign up for the types of opportunities at NASA in which you are interested and the relevant information will be sent directly to your e-mail address. The NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) provides individualized e-mail reports for the following categories:

  • Presolicitation and post-award notices and their amendments
  • Notices of solicitation and solicitation amendment releases
  • General procurement announcements

The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts is the official publication for NIH medical and behavioral research Grant Policies, Guidelines and Funding Opportunities. Each week (usually on Friday afternoon), the NIH transmits an e-mail with Table of Contents (TOC) information for that week's issue of the NIH Guide, via the NIH LISTSERV. The TOC includes a link to the Current NIH Guide Weekly Publication as well as links to each NIH Guide RFA, PA and Notice published for that week.

You can subscribe to this listserv by following the instructions at NIH Guide: Using the TOC Notification LISTSERV Service.

Note: The full text of all Requests for Applications (RFAs), Program Announcements (PAs), as well as Notices, will be available on the NIH Office of Extramural Research Homepage. Archived issues of the NIH Guide are also available at this site.

NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS) supports two
E-mail List services

  • Space Science Updates — The purpose of this list is to periodically notify subscribers of major events and/or new information available on the OSS web site. When something of general interest appears in the "What's New" box on the Home Page, subscribers typically receive an e-mail notification. For example, subscribers may receive notice of upcoming spacecraft launches, new mission selections, major scientific findings, and new information available on the OSS web site. Notices are sent about once every week or two.
  • Space Science Research Announcements — Members of the Space Science research community (i.e., people who submit research proposals) are invited to subscribe to electronic notification of all OSS research announcements (NRA's, AO's, etc.). This service has replaced the use of postcards, providing advanced notice (a week or so) of upcoming announcements. Individuals who are NOT members of the research community are kindly requested to not subscribe to this service, in order to minimize the burden of maintaining the list.

GrantsNet is a searchable, continuously updated, database of funding opportunities in biomedical research and science education. It contains programs that offer training and research funding for graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty, as well as programs in science, math, engineering, and technology for undergraduate faculty and students. You can create customized searches, then sign up for a weekly e-mail notification of programs meeting your search criteria. Membership is free, but you must register to use this service.