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Career Search Strategy: How to Identify Opportunities and Best Practices for Job Searching

This seminar will provide advice on how to prepare and conduct an effective job search.  It will be led by Lauren Celano, MBA, from Propel Careers.

This presentation will begin with a focus on questions that every job seeker should ask themselves before they begin their search to ensure a focused search on roles and organizations aligned to the job seeker’s values, interests, and skills. Lauren will then provide tips on how to identify and research organizations through on-line searching, LinkedIn, conferences, press releases, new sources, networking and other methods and how to identify the title(s) relevant to your career interests. Additional details will be discussed regarding how to create a job search checklist and the value of formally tracking your progress over time to maintain focus and accelerate the search. The presentation will also touch on the “hidden job market” as well as how organizations and recruitment firms use resume databases and LinkedIn to connect with talent. Lastly, the seminar will cover job search timeframes including when to start looking and how long you have to make a decision on an offer once you receive one. 

This will be an interactive seminar with opportunities to put into practice tips that will be discussed throughout the seminar.

Attendees are encouraged to come to the presentation with an idea of the type of role(s) they may be looking for as well as a few organizations that interest them. Those details will be used as the interactive components of the workshop are performed, showing attendees how to leverage the information shared to maximize your their search process. 

Career Search Strategy: How to Identify Opportunities and Best Practices for Job Searching

Apr. 17 | 3 - 4 p.m.

Zoom Webinar