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Virginia Tech research answers society’s grand challenges, invents technologies and products, and adds to the world’s intellectual capital.  With our partners in industry, government, and philanthropy, we bridge the continuum between curiosity and commercialization.  Along the way, we enrich quality of life and provide a healthy, secure future for the nation and the world.

Our Discovery Scholarship Domain identifies strategically important areas, including Sustainability, Resilience, Security, and Health.  But those areas represent only a fraction of the depth and the breadth of the university’s research capabilities, which stretch across disciplines and continents.

Research Institutes and University Research Centers

Thousands of researchers at Virginia Tech work together through seven Research Institutes of Virginia Tech, as well as hundreds of centers and laboratory groups.  The university’s research enterprise welcomes partnerships with industries and philanthropic agencies.  Join us as we create the innovations of the future and educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.  

We represent Institutional Review Boards, Animal Care Services, Sponsored Programs, and more than 100 interdisciplinary centers and institutes whose missions bridge discovery, invention and innovation.


Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell were all members of the National Academies, which advance the pursuit of science, engineering and medicine.  Historically, Virginia Tech has 21 faculty members who have risen to this good company and lofty rank – among the highest honor possible for research scientists and engineers. 

Virginia Tech has two faculty members and one student who have risen to the rank of Fellow in the preeminent American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

With research projects valued over $500 million underway, Virginia Tech is the commonwealth’s leading academic research university to advance science, engineering, medicine, and the arts. 

Solving complex problems requires input from diverse groups.  Virginia Tech’s innovation ecosystem provides a crossroads where education, research, government, and industry interact to create opportunities. 

For researchers at Tech, success is defined through the discovery of fundamental knowledge and the transition of research results from the lab to the real world.

It is Virginia’s only academic research center in the top 50 of the National Science Foundation rankings of research expenditures.  Our students create new knowledge, answer society’s challenges, invent technologies, energize the economy, and add to the world’s intellectual capital.