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Research Faculty Hiring Procedures

1.        Approval Process

a.       Obtain department head or appropriate management designee’s approval to fill vacant or new position(s).

b.       Create a new or edit existing job description. 

 i.      All job description must be entered and submitted using PeopleAdmin

 ii.      Tips for writing a good job description can be found here

 iii.      For additional assistance, please refer to People Admin Enterer Manual.

c.        Work with department head or dean’s office/senior management to identify the appropriate salary budget.

 i.      OVPR HR can provide salary data to assist in this area.

2.        Routing Process

a.       Route the job description through PeopleAdmin for online approvals.

i.      Standard approval requirements apply i.e. Department Head, Dean/Senior Management, Research, Office of Equity and Access.

b.       Final approval of all faculty recruitment requests rests with the Office of Equity and Access.

3.        Recruitment Process

a.       Office of Equity and Access will generate the job posting.

b.       Postings must be open for a minimum of 10 days and will have either a “Review Begin Date” or “Close Date”.

c.        Establish a strong and credible search committee of at least two members. When possible, majority of the members should have experience participating in successful searches, be open-minded, and committed to diversity and fair consistent processes. A diverse committee is more likely to generate diverse candidate pools and finalist lists. 

d.       Identify and utilize additional Recruitment and Advertising Sourcesat no additional cost.

i.      Departments are also strongly encouraged to develop a tailored, aggressive search strategy that usually includes national advertising in appropriate journals in the discipline; personal contacts with colleagues; follow up with female and underrepresented colleagues and doctoral students listed in relevant directories; and other targeted efforts to identify a strong and diversified pool of candidates.

ii.      Provide a Supplemental Job Ad for use in the recruitment and advertising sources.

4.        Screening & Selection Process

a.       The Search Committee Chair will work with the selection committee to conduct screening of applicants. 

b.       Depending on the applicant quality and diversity the department should request that Equity close the job posting.

i.      Interview questions should be based on job and skill requirements.

 ii.      Sample interview questions are also provided online.

c.        If appropriate, use phone interviews to narrow down the list of top candidates.

d.       Conduct face to face interviews.

i.      Search committees must consist of at least two members.

 ii.      A diverse search committee is often an important factor in identifying and attracting a wide range of talented candidates. Efforts should be made to include women and minorities on hiring committees, perhaps by utilizing faculty from adjoining departments or disciplines.

e.        Maintain consistency, confidentiality and integrity with respect to the entire search process.

f.        Evaluate all information and choose the person that is the best fit for the job.

5.        Offer

a.       Obtain department head or appropriate management designee’s approval prior to contacting the selected candidate.

i.      For selection of internal candidates, please consult with OVPR-HR for specific procedures.

b.       Make a contingent verbal job offer.

c.        Perform reference checkson the top candidates.  Guidelines are provided online in the Employee Resource Guide .

d.       Conduct Criminal Conviction Check and/or Motor Vehicle Record check prior to begin of a salaried appointment.

e.        Generate a written job offer using the appropriate Terms of Faculty Offer form and get approvals

i.      Standard approval requirements apply i.e.Department Head, Dean/Senior Management, and Research. Candidate should always sign last. The fully signed TOFO should be sent to Central HR.

6.        Recruitment Close-out

a.       Upon receiving an acceptance from the selected candidate, the department shall finalize the Hiring Proposal in PeopleAdmin to include applicant dispositioning.

b.       Notify Office of Equity and Access of the hire so that they can mark the position as filled.

7.        On-boarding

a.       Department to initiate a department specific on-boarding process.

For detailed transactional information please visit the Employee Resource Guide at

Downloadable version of the Research Faculty Hiring Procedures47.1 KB